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Heroes Sensation is action-packed drama, one of kind series. This series includes two T.V. shows and a movie. The T.V. shows are Walker, Texas Ranger and Criminal Minds. These cop shows include a lot of action and drama. The movie is Thunderbirds. Everyone knows the Thunderbirds as the world's rescue machines. In this series, the movie starts as Lucille Tracy being alive and Scott being one.

This is the website for all the shows.

There are more pictures at http://deviantart.com/. You have to go to sckraut12 or http://sckraut12.deviantart.com/.

The episodes are found at http://www.fanfiction.net/ and under that show's initials and the word season behind it.

The Shows

Read the main info of the show or shows you like it. Then if you like, click the link to see what there is for that show.

Walker, Texas Ranger

 Walker, Texas Ranger is based on a Texas Ranger that is just starting a new life with a new daughter and great life to continue.


Fast and Furious

This show is based on a group of street racers that have a whole new life of head of them because of a big hiest.


Criminal Minds

 Criminal Minds is based on a team of profilers who work together to profile criminals to solve crimes.



 Thunderbirds is based on a Kansas family that is just starting to grow.


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