Heroes Sensation

Aaron Hotchner "Hotch"

Aaron Hotchner is the leader of the profiling Team. He does not really show his emotions.  He has a son named Jack. His wife and Jack's mother, Haley was killed by the Reaper. He now takes care of his son by hisself with the help of Haley's sister.

David Rossi

David Rossi is a profiler that came out of retirement. He finished a personal case and decided to stay with the team. He is know as The Father of FBI.

Penelope Garcia

Penolope Garcia is the team's computer analyst. She became a part of the FBI when she hacked into part of the FBI. She decided to work with them instead of taking the prison sentence she had to do otherwise. She is said things were moving to fast when Kevin Linch asked her marry him. She likes making phone conversations fun. She is godmother of JJ's son, Henry.

Derek Morgan

Derek Morgan is an ex-football player who went to FBI as second career. He calls Garcia, 'Baby Girl.' He does it in a way to make evrything more injoyable. He has a brother-sister relationship with her.

Jennifer "JJ" Jareau

Jennifer Jareau came back to the BAU to help with a case involving Emily Prentiss. End the end of the case, she and Hotch keep a really big secret from the team. She decides to stay with the team. She has a son named Henry.

Dr. Spenser Reid

Dr. Spenser Reid is a genius that knows a lot. He is godfather to JJ's son, Henry.

Emily Prentiss

Emily Prentiss came back to the team after most of the team thought she was dead. She helped finish the case they were working on that included her arch rival. She decides to stay with the team.

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