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Hello, my name is Shelby Kraut and I am the creator of this made-up series. I am eightteen years old and I go the noble school. I am finishing 11th grade and will be going into 12th next year. The reason I am doing a combined series with these shows are I am a big fan of them. I own every season of Walker, Texas Ranger. For some people, I know I've told them I own 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 9. After buying all the seasons, I know that there are just eight seaasons. I've also seen the movie. For the thunderbirds, I've seen the movie and I know how draw them. And finally, for Criminal Minds, I seen all the episodes. The new season of Criminal Minds starts September 23, 2010 at it origanallly time. You will find videos I've done at school on Creator's Videos.

Some of the main stories in the series comes from Sasqaw who I've seen has written one of biggest walker stories called the Seekers. This story is 1,086 pages and contains the main walker episodes. Some of the other stories include The Curse of Cormac, Joaquin, Bo, Wings of An Angel, Mirrors, One Dip or Two, Turkey and The Tooth Fairy and Bo's Gifts,  and the one I've already talked about The Seekers. Not all of Sasquaw's story are going to be in the series. 

I'm in the progress of editing it. I've gotten up page 330 and getting hard to edit because every time I just start reading it instead. Once I get my ideas together, I start adding my parts.  

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