Heroes Sensation

Brian "Buster or Bullit" O'Conner

When we last saw Brian O'Conner, he and Dom had pulled off a big heist and they both found out that Mia was pregnant. Each of them had gained eleven million dollars and their ticket to freedom along with the rest of the team. The bad news was that Vince was killed. Dom was taking it okay, but starting to have a problem to deal with. So Brian has to worry about him, and the fact that Mia is close to being due. The team had split when they had gotten their shares of money. They were enjoying life for whatever was thrown at them.

Dominic "Dom" Toretto

Same as Brian, except that he had to only wory about Mia. He had now lost two best friends and that Vince's son will not know his dad. He still trying to get over Letty's death, but all that was about to change. Little does he know, he's about to see her in not too long.

Mia Toretto

Mia Toretto is the sister of Dominic Toretto and the girlfriend of Brian O'Conner. She is pregnant with Brian's baby and is due very soon. During all this, she had to start worring about Dom who is beginning to have a hard time dealing with Vince's and Letty's Death. She is also going to get a big surprise in not too long.

Lucas 'Luke or Hobbs' Hobbs  

Luke Hobbs was introduced in the fifth movie as the head of DEA Task Force. He was in charge of arresting and bringing Dom, Brian, and their team back to USA. Not only is Hobbs and his team after them, but so is Reyes and his men. This all changes after Reyes kills Hobb's team and Hobbs wants pay back. At the end, Hobbs says Brian and Dom have twenty-four hours before he is going to arrest them and they can't take the safe with them. After they leave, he checks out the safe and realises it is not the same safe. Dom and Brian have switched it. So he back to the USA empty handed. A couple weeks later, he receives a case that has a picture of Letty Ortiz and there is a possiblity she is still alive. It talks about about high jackings of military concoys.

Letty Ortiz

When we last saw Letty, she was supposedly killed by Fenix Rise when she was working on a case for Brian against a drug dealer, Braga. She was doing the case in order to bring Dom home. She managed to be able to get in her car and run before they had shot her. Fenix chased after her and then she was going around a turn, Fenix hit the side of her car and flipped her. When it had stopped rolling, Fenix stopped and got out. Then he shot her. How did Hobbs receive a case from Monica and she was said to be on a team that high jacked a military convoy in Berlin?   

Roman Pierce

Roman was Brian's childhood friend and getting Brian out of trouble. He and Brian did a uncover bust in order to get their records and so Brian didn't have to do time and he could have his ackle bracelet removed and nolonger be on house arrest. Rom at the time blamed Brian for his three years after he was caught in a garage with seven cars that had stolen parts. He know living in Bahamas with Tej and enjoying girls and cars. He has possibly started problems for himself and everybody.


Suki is a street racer that likes hanging out with Tej. She is also help Brian with his plan. She was only seen in the second movie.

Tej Parker

Tej is a mechanic that owned a very cool shop and started races and bets. The bets in which he always won. He helped Brian with his plan he had against Carter Verone. He helped Brian and got his share of money and is living with Roman in the Bahamas. He runs a garage that people do get ripped off when they bring thier cars there.

Leon Strong

Leon is a member of Dom's team from the first movie. He and Jesse are really good friends and it is hard for him when Jesse is killed in the first movie. He leaves with Letty after the last hiest. He returns under surprising circumstances.

Leo Tago

Leo is one of the two people that talk spanish to each other constantly. They are always arguing.  They are seen at the end of Fast Five make bets with each other for a lot of money.

Rico Santos

Rico is the other person that talk spanish constantly. Leo and he are always seen together.

Elena Neves

Elena is introduced in the fifth movie along with Hobbs. She was a cop that working with Hobbs to help catch Dom and Brian. She finds Dom's necklace that drops when he saves her and she ends up getting confronted by him at her appartment when he commes to get it back. She ends up helping steal the money from Reyes'. She is shown with Dom at Brian and Mia's house at the end of the movie.

Monica Fuentes

Monica Fuentes was indruced when she told the cops where the street race was going on that Brian was arrested for letting Dom go. It was later found out that she was undercover in the Carter Verone Case and she would help Brian and Rome becomne the drivers that were needed. In the end, her cover was blown when she informed them that Verone was going to kill them after they dropped off the money. Brian and Rome had to jump a car onto a boat inorder for her not to killed. She was later seen a preview for Fast Six in the credits of Fast Five. She gave the information proving that Letty was alive. The last words she said is 'Do you believe in ghosts!' The preview instead leads to the first season in the case of Heroes Sensation.

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