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The homepage for Fast and Furious. Fast and Furious is the forth show of Heroes Sensation. This show is based on groups of street racers with a new life ahead them.The show will cross episodes with Walker, Texas Ranger and Criminal Minds. Thunderbirds will cross with it when all four shows are together and some by itself. Fast and Furious gives no hints on what the main part is. Hobbs teams up with someone and that brings new problems. Brian and Mia's baby is also born. Somebody returns in middle of an accident.

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Check out Fast and Furious and its pages.See what other pages are available with Fast and Fast Furious in Ways to Interact and Watch, Listen, and View.

Check out Random Fun Series

This is another series made for Fast and Furious. This series is based what if 2F2F never happened. Check it out, you'll love it!!

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