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Jefferson 'Jeff' Tracy

Jeff Tracy is a astronaut who is married to Lucille Tracy. He makes the money for the family. Jeff is right now living most of his life working in space and comming home for a couple of months to be with his family. He has one year old son named Scott.

Lucille Tracy

Lucille Tracy is a woman who stays home with her her one year old son named Scott when he not at school. Her husband Jeff, an astronaut, makes the money for the family. She spends most her time reading and working around the house. They live in small Kansas neighborhood.

Scott Carpenter

Scott Tracy is the one year old son of Jeff and Lucille Tracy. Scott likes playing with his toy soldiers and planes. He goes to a preschool and has a couple friends that like talking about his daddy and space. He loves getting his pictures taken because he knows his daddy will see him.

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